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Dog Walker - Cover

Dog Walker


Ben Carter, pet care specialist, is hired to walk a Shiba Inu named Toby. Unbeknownst to Ben, Toby is no ordinary dog but an “inugami” - an immortal demon born in feudal Japan and bred for only one purpose...murder.

A mysterious cult seeks to capture the inugami and harness his power for evil. With the help of an elderly luchador and a cop with a heart of gold, Ben must protect Toby and uncover the secret of the Tengu before the cultists can unleash the beast and the bloodlust claims the inugami once more.

JACK McGUIGAN is also writer of Agents of Paradox, a comic book. In his youth, he made movies under the pseudonym "John McGuigan" which can be found pretty easily on the Internet. He lives in Chicago with his wife and dog. Years from now, when Jack’s grandkids ask what he wrote about, he will probably lie.

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by Travis Baldree
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Dog Walker II - Cover

Dog Walker II
Shadow Pack


Since we last saw him, Ben has been pulling double duty – dog walker by day, demon slayer by night. Toby assists in the latter, growing more violent with each kill. Dogs can be domesticated, but an inugami’s murderous instincts are not easily suppressed.

Ten-year-old wrestling prodigy Ash Ocampo is possessed by a sentient spider, which plans to overthrow humanity and bring about a new Age of Yōkai. Wanting to help Ash but worried he is losing Toby, Ben seeks the assistance of Lucas Alcindor – a freelance demon trainer with three inugami of his own. Can Ben regain control of Toby before disaster strikes? Can Ash free herself before the demon inside reigns supreme? Or are both merely prey for the monstrous wolves of the Shadow Pack?

JACK McGUIGAN is the author of the Dog Walker novels and the writer of Agents of Paradox, a comic book. In his youth, he made movies under the pseudonym “John McGuigan” that can be found on the internet. He lives in Chicago with his family. Everything he writes is true, except for the parts he makes up.

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Agents of Paradox - Cover
Agents of Paradox - Page 1 Agents of Paradox - Page 2 Agents of Paradox - Page 3

Agents of Paradox


Samuel Dillon and Katie Baker are Agents of Paradox! They travel through time and space, closing wormholes to preserve the timestream.

Sam hopes to save the lives of his wife and son. Katie wants to save herself from heartbreak. But when Chagatai Khan – the cyborg son of Genghis Khan – attempts to conquer all of human history, they must come to terms with what they have lost and choose saving civilization over changing the past. It’s a story about not dwelling on tragedies, big and small, because going back is never as easy as it seems.

Written by JACK McGUIGAN

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Jack McGuigan

Jack McGuigan is the writer of the Dog Walker novels and Agents of Paradox, a comic book. He made movies in his youth under the pseudonym “John McGuigan” which can be viewed on the internet. He lives in Chicago with his family.

You can contact him in a variety of ways, but Twitter and email are the ones he checks.